Is BMC free?

Buy Me Coffee™ is free for anybody to create an account and start blogging or podcasting. The site only makes money when friends and supporters agree to "buy their friend coffee." In the case of $6/year to show support to a friend, $4 is for the friend being followed and $2 is for Buy Me Coffee™ to support its operations and development. That's it! Buy Me Coffee™ makes absolutely no money from advertisers or data brokers. And we never will.

Do you sell User Data?

No. Never. Ever. ... Ever.

Do you advertise to users?

Nope. Think of BMC as a Sanctuary from marketing-powered platforms you might be more familiar with.

How is Buy Me Coffee different?

The biggest difference is our principled approach to business. We choose to make less money by doing the right thing rather than always trying to make as much money as possible at the expense of our integrity. We believe our primary goal as builders and entrepreneurs is to find the right balance between being profitable and helping people lead better lives.

Why not just use Medium?

Medium is a good site, and for $5/month, you get unlimited reads for the universe of Medium content from thought leaders, mega influencers, and professional writers. BMC is not trying to create another loudspeaker for thought leaders, mega influencers, and professional writers. We believe the words and experiences of friends is worth multiples of a stranger's views in many things. We also felt that many people have a lot to contribute to their friends even if they can't manage the time to create a super polished article or podcast. With BMC, we want to encourage concise, genuine thoughts and opinions from people without any hidden agendas.

Why does it cost only $6 per year to follow a creator on BMC?

Actually, this amount can be changed by creator, but the idea is that $6 is a token amount. A mere demonstration of appreciation, which we believe goes a long way in separating your true supporters from the crowd. It's one way we're looking to shrink the internet, and help people focus on the conversations and relationships that will actually be most helpful for them.

How is the content created on BMC stored?

Blogs are saved on BMC's Google cloud servers. Podcasts can be stored on BMC's Google cloud servers OR the user's personal Google Drive account. We hope to make blog storage on users' Google drives possible as well. We believe that content created on BMC is the property of their creators. What content BMC does keep on its own servers is kept there to provide the best creator and subscriber experience possible. Outside to catastrophic failure on Google's infrastructure, users do not risk losing their content.

Who owns the content created on BMC?

The authors do!

What are the transaction fees involved?

Supporters don't pay transaction fees, but unfortunately, BMC must pay fees of approximately $0.30 + 3% to Paypal or other intermediaries per credit or debit transfer.

How do writers and podcasters get their "coffee money"?

BMC gathers the coffee funds, and transfers the accumulated net balance for each user once each month.

If I make an account, since I'll have a personal paywall, will anyone actually follow me?

We're going to be honest here. Very few of us actually have hundreds or thousands of friends. (Shocker.) It just seems that way on noisier social platforms. Once you ask people to be even a little bit inconvenienced to support you, the vast majority of those "friends" will drop off. That's just the honest to goodness truth, but what's also true is that the ones that do not drop off are probably the ones you should have been paying attention to all along. So, be prepared for a whole lot of quiet at first. But keep on being your own unique self and keep on writing and reflecting on your personal journey. In time, you'll discover who around you is actually listening. (and making it rain coffee!)

Enough! I'm convinced. What should I do next?

First, create an account here: https://buymecoffee.co/sign-up
Second, add information on your profile pages.
Third, use your "Public Profile" link to let friends know about your new account. We recommend inserting your public profile link on your email signature and in the bio sections of your other social online accounts.
Fourth, perform the most incredible touchdown dance ever.
Fifth, write or podcast on your Buy Me Coffee profile whenever you have a topic to reflect and share on.