Why I don’t really mess with social media, even though I have a Facebook account

Back in 2018, I had this total revelation. I was in the middle of posting something super clever on my Facebook page when I stopped. I deleted my post and had this conversation with myself. I said you know no one really cares right? No one cares that your son lost a tooth, or that you made this amazing dinner, had a date night blah blah blah. No one REALLY cares – well, maybe a select few close friends and family, but honestly if you think about it, people usually scroll through social media when they are super bored, when they are in a drunken stupor, wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep, wake up in the morning before getting the day started, or are just killing time in between the next thing they are doing in their own personal lives. 
I thought about my own scrolling history and typically, these are the reasons I would get scrolly on FB. I would hit the obligatory like or love button depending on the post or the person and then move on with my day. I didn’t remember weeks later that my friend’s dog did this new trick. I thought about all the stuff I posted and thought, do people really care that I went to a movie? Probably not. Of course, people that also saw the movie may hit the like button, but they are going to continue on with their day and forget that iiiiiiii went to see that same movie – unless we actually have a conversation about it – but who does that nowadays? (And I realize this is the EXACT reason this website was created, lol)
So, I made this decision (I now realize my first and second post totally sound like I care about nothing. I promise, I do!) to stop posting stuff on my page. I just checked and the last posts I posted are as follows:
March 2019 – I posted a pic from a Spurs game
January 2019 – I posted a Live video from a wedding I attended in New Orleans
October 2018 – I shared a memory of this awesome quote I saw and liked
Other than that, the other action on my page is bday wishes and people tagging me in their posts. I found that I didn’t really feel I was missing out on anything either! Every now and then I will respond to someone else’s post, or hit a Like or Love button, but I don’t feel it necessary. OMG this all sounds totally stupid, haha. Whenever I do post something, people are always surprised. Lol
This blog here is just about the most I have posted online in any fashion! I used to post a lot on FB and Myspace (totally dating myself here) back in the day. I think my posts back then were fairly entertaining – people said I should write a book haha. Who knows, maybe this blog will become hella popular and I will get paid money like Ryan from Ryan’s Toy Review. Can you believe that kid made $22 MILLION in revenue?!?! This kid is EIGHT YEARS OLD! And yes, my son drank the kool-aid. He was ALWAYS watching those annoying YouTube videos from this kid and his family AND had the nerve to ask for Ryan gifts for Christmas. Like NOOOO I don’t want to HELP this kid become a billionaire.
Sigh. I need to figure out something for dinner and then get back to work. Day was supposed to end at 5, but here it is after 6 pm and I still have to come back to this. Need some serious work-life balance right now!
Something positive next go round….
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