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Buy Me Coffee TM is a blogging and podcasting platform helping regular people share their experiences more openly to their most devoted friends and supporters. We do this through a “personal paywall” and a pledge to not sell advertising or our users’ data, and that’s where the confusion begins…

When we describe the concept of Buy Me Coffee, it’s clear to most people that we are different from Facebook or LinkedIn, but we’re often thought to be the same as patronage platforms like Patreon (…but with fewer features and a smaller community to draw from). The confusion is understandable. Because “following” someone is not free like on Facebook and LinkedIn, it’s obvious that Buy Me Coffee would never have the expansive networks that have grown on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other “free” social media platforms. Frankly, if the goal is to build a large following and market a brand, Buy Me Coffee is simply the wrong platform for that. On the contrary, one is almost guaranteed to have a smaller set of people in her Buy Me Coffee circle. But we believe that the online reality of fewer, higher quality connections is closer to the actual reality of being a happy human being. Humans are limited to the number of relationships they can reasonably manage to about 150, NOT the thousands most social media platforms would lead us to believe, and there are subtle, but profound costs for this dilution. With so many “connections,” there is much more distraction from working on what is important to us, in the form of notifications, updates, messages, likes, replies, etc, etc. In addition, it is harder to determine who among the ocean of “friends” would actually put in the effort to help you when asked. The end result is fewer major accomplishments and a pervasive feeling of not really being deeply connected to anyone. Obviously, Buy Me Coffee cannot push people to work hard on their life goals or bring friends together in real life–That’s what other people who care can do for each other. We just hope that Buy Me Coffee can illuminate and strengthen those genuine connections.

So then, why not just create a Patreon page? Well, we think Patreon is a great platform for supporting creatives and professional content makers. They have a sweet paywall, just as we do, but on Buy Me Coffee, our goal isn’t to enable more professional online content. There are already many great platforms that do precisely that. We don’t even suggest that you’ll be making a lot of money through Buy Me Coffee. What we want is to encourage regular people to start writing and podcasting for themselves and their closest group of friends and family. The idea behind buying someone coffee on BMC is not to support an author’s lifestyle. The act of buying coffee here is a form of encouragement to share, express, and grow.  It’s a token amount that says, “I’m here. Please tell me how we can help each other.” We doubt anyone will ever get rich financially on BMC, but we suspect many people here would be profoundly enriched in other ways.

We’re hoping to find people who understand why Buy Me Coffee deserves to have a place in their lives. Somewhere along the way, people forgot that self-reflection, not “likes,” is the foundation of personal growth. And at the same time, we became passive observers of other people’s glories. We can do much better in defining what our own personal glories will be, and in pursuing them with our full conviction and capabilities. Meanwhile, entrepreneurs and builders specifically can do better than just chasing money and subsequently creating tools that do more harm than good. Buy Me Coffee wants to reverse some of what “free” social media has done, and be a part of these dual movements.

To read more about how and why Buy Me Coffee came to be, please read this post here:


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