Hello, World! | What I Show On My BMC page

In general, I post details about my life which I don’t feel comfortable sharing on Facebook or most other social platforms. In addition, I share opportunities I am currently working on and invite my friends to profit from the same opportunities. Forming syndicates for fun and profit is something I enjoy doing, and I use Buy Me Coffee to spread that information more efficiently. I also talk about my investments in the market and life/business lessons I’ve learned along the way. On that note, another way to get to this page is through

I’d love to see more of the opportunities my friends are working on. So, if you’re seeing this, please create your own page, and let me know what’s up!


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2 thoughts on “Hello, World! | What I Show On My BMC page

    1. Hello, Mr. Anh. Glad you’re interested. As for the front end design, we hear you! We’d love to make a bunch of improvements, but until we have more users and user followers, we can’t commit too many resources on developing the site. We have a long list of user stories we want to implement on our backlog. Are you a front end designer?

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